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Sometimes you’ve got to get a little wet to get the image you want. Matt in Iceland

My love of nature photography began when I was given my first 35mm SLR in 1986 and I’ve never looked back. When the camera world moved over to digital, I jumped in with both feet. Combining my technical computer and software knowledge with my passion for photography and the outdoors has allowed me to embrace the many opportunities this technology provides. By blending digital photographic skills, we are now able to produce images never thought possible to achieve the creativity we seek.

In 2011 I started hosting photography workshops in some of my favorite places in the world. I wanted to work closely with the guests, and host small groups as I believe there is less impact to wildlife, and the guests enjoy the small group atmosphere as there is less competetion for the best spots. Every year we have added a couple more trips to great responses.

Matt having a little fun with the Eagles and Photoshop !

Today, I spend my time capturing images of nature and wildlife, hosting travel photography workshops in some of the most spectacular locales and teaching photography in the classroom. When I’m not traveling or teaching, I call the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado my home.

Being an avid outdoorsman, I enjoy being outside on a backcountry trail, exploring a remote location and watching wildlife through the lens – always searching for that perfect picture that tells a story. Bird photography has become a passion of mine. While I find the subjects very challenging, the images are so rewarding. I also always look forward to my time photographing grizzly bears in the Alaskan back country.

My images have been selected to appear in Outdoor Photographer, National Audubon Society, Nature Photographer, Alaska Magazine, Popular Photography, People, Better Homes and Gardens, Family Circle, Parents and many more. I’ve also published a 78-page photo book “North American Bald Eagles of Haines, Alaska.”

I look forward to meeting you and sharing my unique knowledge of image capture and processing to help you improve your photography skills and capture that perfect photo.

Some of Matt’s award winning images



DR. CHRISTIAN SASSE – Moab Astrophotography

I first touched on astronomy when I did my PhD in optics on experimental light scattering of particles with a laser, and Finnish astronomers were interested in my lab and we performed measurements on asteroid particles together. Unfortunately my PhD ended one day, it was so much fun. Realizing that earning money is helpful, I followed an engineering career in industry which by the way I fully enjoy. As a President of an electrical engineering company, I work together with people from different cultures and interests.


Christian Sasse sharing his enthusiasm during a photography workshop

Astronomy has always fascinated me, however it was the rapid advancement of cameras and telescope controls that really got me hooked. I lived in many countries – in Sweden in 2000 and bought my first telescope and camera and will never forget the tremendous excitement when the first distant galaxies appeared on my laptop screen. I invited my neighbor over into my garden to have a look at the results, but he did not share my enthusiasm and instead pondered quietly for a few minutes and then looked up into the night sky and asked: “How far can you see with that thing?” At that moment I was taken aback and answered:” Maybe a few hundred million light years, maybe a billion or so. Ever since that evening I became obsessed with that question, it was almost like asking how big the universe is.

It would take many years until I would be able to answer the question, I saved money and invested in better equipment. Finally in 2011 after lots of failures I was able to commission the fabrication of a new star machine (telescope) that I felt certain would allow us ‘amateurs’ to peer back in time, to galaxies far, far away.  The object of interest was a certain quasar in Ursa Major, powered by a super massive black hole 3 billion times the mass of our Sun. An ancient quasi stellar object with a redshift of z=6.41 and thus its light has been travelling for around 12.79 billion years towards Earth.  It took 16 hours of image stacking to confirm the result, it was thus the most distant object ever imaged by an amateur astronomer.

Of course I have also imaged many famous beautiful galaxies and nebulae, some of which are displayed in the description of the course.  The success of beautiful images is due to remote telescope control of excellent equipment based in New Mexico, Spain and Australia. These telescopes are easy to control through the Internet, and I aim to share my enthusiasm of the heavens with you by showing you how to control telescopes and take images, process them and obtain beautiful results with a few basic steps.


American Bald Eagle with MountainsWhat do you get when you combine a love of nature, photography and teaching?  Shetzer’s Photography!

We are so happy you are considering joining us on one of our photographic adventures. We have been avid travelers all of our lives and can’t wait to share some of our favorites locations and subjects with you. We know they will quickly become some of your favorites too.

Glowing yellow tent set up under Aurora BorealisOur workshops allow us to combine our teaching experience with our  love of nature and photography. Our goal is for you to go home with that “perfect” photo and the knowledge necessary to become a better, more well-rounded photographer.

We cater to each individual’s level of experience on our tours.  If you are a novice photographer, get ready for lots of great camera and photo tips to improve your images.  If you are an advanced photographer, get ready to be taken to some great locales and be given tips on where to look for the action.

Photographing the wild side of nature on a full time basis gives us the opportunity to find those magical places that are well off the beaten path, so come join us for an unforgettable photographic adventure.


Perfect Itineraries

We use our networking and knowledge of the area to do the planning so the only thing you have to concentrate on is capturing your perfect wildlife image. You can rely on our expertise to get you to the best locations at the best times. Our many years of expertise give us the knowledge about what locations to photograph to capture those one-of-a-kind images.


Be prepared for your trip

Award-winning photographer and lead guide Matt Shetzer has the answers to the questions you have about camera gear, lenses and other equipment, as well as additional things to do in areas where the photo workshops and tours are held.


The Love of Travel

We love to travel, and have all of our lives. Over the years, we have gained detailed knowledge about the people, animals and landscape of Alaska, Ecuador and everywhere in-between, and know just what it takes to host a fantastic trip. You can rely on our expertise to make sure you get all you want and more from our wildlife photography workshops.


Denali or Mount McKinley Mountain with reflection

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