After the Golden Hour

In Photo Tips by Matt Shetzer

After watching and photographing a beautiful sunset, take your time and don’t run off just yet. One of our favorite times to photograph is about 30 minutes after sunset, which is known as Civil Twilight. You’ll need your tripod for this as the light is getting low. As you review your images you will start to see these vibrant blue tones that are so different from the warm sunset light. One of our favorite ways to spend the evening is to bring some bread, cheese and a little wine and make an evening out of it enjoying natures show.

Peggys Point Light at Civil Twilight

Civil Twilight produces a very cool, however unique look.

In the example below, the two images were taken 22 minutes apart, and have completely different feel to each.

Sailors Delight at Peggys Cove

Your typical warm sunset image.

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