Colorado Fall Colors Photo Workshop

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Colorado Fall Colors Photo Workshop

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  • 2018
    Dates: September 25- September 30, 2018
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    Fee: $2,950 USD PP
    Single Supplement: $280 USD.

    Locations: San Juan mountains of Southwest Colorado. Montrose, Ridgway, Ouray, Silverton, Telluride and Marble Colorado

    Deposit: $1,000

    Limit: 3 photographers per guide

    Duration: 6 days/5 nights

    Skill Level: Beginner to Pro

    Non-Photographers Discount: $250

    Trip Leader: Matt Shetzer

    Trip Origination: Montrose, Colorado

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    Colorado-Photo-WorkshopColorado local photographer, Matt Shetzer, will be hosting a unique tour of southwestern Colorado’s fall colors. His local knowledge, combined with a 4×4 Jeep and a small group of just 3 photographers per guide, will take you to places that other photographers just dream of during the Colorado Fall Colors Photo Workshop.

    This Colorado Fall Colors Photo Workshop will take you to iconic Colorado locations such as Crystal Mill, Yankee Girl Mine, and Dallas Divide with its stunning views of the 14,150 foot Mt. Sneffels.

    These locations are gorgeous themselves, but add in the beautiful yellow, orange and red aspens and you have a photographers’ paradise.

    Colorado’s aspens are famous for their stunning gold colors and the southwestern Colorado landscape has some of the most picturesque locations to catch them in their prime.

    Whether you are looking to photograph beautiful white snow-capped mountains, the zigzag patterns of split rail fences, lake reflections, or colorful aspen groves, this small and personal tour has a little bit of everything for you.

    The end of September provides beautiful weather, and you will enjoy the crisp cool mornings and the rugged beauty of the San Juan mountains each day. The beautiful golden Aspens together with the colorful underbrush provide stunning foreground focal points to capture the beauty of the region.
    By keeping our group size extremely small during the Colorado Fall Colors Photo Workshop, we will be able to visit many popular locations in the area, and explore areas where vans, buses and 2-wheel drive cars can’t access. You will enjoy the serenity and the unlimited access to great compositions in these back-country locations.

    Locations we will be planning to visit during the Colorado Fall Colors Photo Workshop


    • Ridgway, Colorado
    • Ouray, Colorado
    • Silverton, Colorado
    • Marble, Colorado
    • Telluride, Colorado
    • Iconic Crystal Mill
    • Aspen Groves
    • San Juan Skyway
    • Mining ruins
    • Ghost Towns
    • Million Dollar Highway
    • Owl Creek Pass
    • Silver Jack Reservoir
    • Ralph Lauren’s Double RL Ranch
    • Dallas Divide

    Below are some of the locations we have scheduled to photograph during the Colorado Fall Colors Photo Workshop.

    Ridgway, Colorado

    Fall Colors Colorado Photo Workshop

    The 14’er Mt. Sneffels during a beautiful Colorado sunset

    A small rural town in Southwest Colorado that has some of the most beautiful aspen groves in the country with views of the rugged mountains.

    Ridgway is located in the picturesque Uncompahgre Valley and is surrounded by the San Juan and Cimarron mountains. From Ridgway we will photograph Mount Sneffels that at 14,150 feet, towers 7,200 feet over Ridgway. This is the highest summit in the Sneffels range with autumn colors of yellow, orange and red in the foreground.

    There are many fantastic compositions of this beautiful mountain range that keep photographers coming back year after year. We will also photograph the vibrant Dallas Divide from Ralph Lauren’s Double RL Ranch as the fall colors of the aspen and scrub oak frame this rugged mountain range.

    Ouray, Colorado

    Colorado Fall Colors Photo Workshop

    Snow-capped mountains against the vibrant Colorado blue skies

    Explore the high country of Ouray, nicknamed the Switzerland of America due to its rugged and vertical mountains.

    Ouray offers great opportunity for photographers with its vibrant aspen groves, mining ruins and ghost towns that were abandoned over a hundred years ago with the gold rush of the late 1890’s.

    Ouray is always a favorite stop due to the diversity of images that can be taken here and this location provides access to other regions via Ophir Pass, the Alpine Loop and Ironton.

    We will explore this region and utilize our 4X4 on the back-roads to provide you with unique images.

    Marble, Colorado

    Colorado Fall Colors Photo Workshop

    Historic Crystal Mill

    Marble is the home of the iconic Crystal Mill, which is only accessible by 4X4 Jeep.

    The mill was built in 1892 and was a powerhouse for mining for the Sheep Mountain Tunnel. The mill is surrounded by yellow and gold aspens and is perched above the green colored Crystal river offering beautiful images.

    This is always a highlight of the Colorado Fall Colors Photo Workshop. While in the area near the mill we will also photograph colorful aspen groves in the area, as well as a beautiful lake with reflections and an aspen covered ghost town.

    Owl Creek and Silver Jack Reservoir

    Colorado Fall Colors photography workshop

    Beautiful reflections in a remote lake in the Uncompahgre wilderness

    Based in the Uncompahgre Wilderness, photographers will love the views of Owl Creek and Silver Jack Reservoir.

    The colorful aspens of these areas combined with vertical rock bluffs and spires, and Colorado’s deep blue skies will produce great scenic photographs. In addition, the remote lakes of this region offer colorful reflections of the aspens as they glow yellow in the sunlight.

    The Owl Creek region was made famous in 1969 by the film True Grit, staring John Wayne and the film, How the West was Won.

    Silverton, Colorado

    Colorado Fall Colors Photography

    An abandoned mine outside of Silverton

    Established as a former silver mining camp in 1874, Silverton Colorado is a National Historic Landmark and on the San Juan Skyway. Silverton is one of the best examples of the Colorado history of mining.

    We will visit one of the best-preserved ghost towns in Colorado which at one point was occupied by 450 people, containing 30 cabins, stores, saloon and post office. The ghost town, now listed on the National Register of Historic Places has nine standing buildings, as well as the original jail house, the oldest structure on the site.

    Silverton is connected by the Million Dollar Highway to Ouray. The road received its name because when built through the mining rich region, a million dollars of gold was found every mile. This road runs through the Colorado high country and is full of aspen groves.

    Colorado Fall Color Photography Workshop

    Join us in the backcountry as we use Jeeps/4X4 to get into locations photographers dream about.

    The Colorado Fall Colors Photo Workshop is a unique opportunity to explore locations off the beaten path and create beautiful images with your own personal touch. Our discussions will hone your photography skills and you will learn how to get the most out of your camera equipment. It’s also an adventure that will leave you with lasting memories and plenty of pictures to commemorate the experience.



    Get out of the ordinary and join us on this unique 4×4 small group tour of Colorado’s fall colors!

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