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Wildlife images worth sharing and beyond: Matt tailors his expert guidance to your needs

Matt is that person who exceeds at providing a well-organized photographic expedition … he guides you through his evening classes, nightly photo reviews, and on the scene attention in order for you to get the right exposure and composition resulting in photographs that you will want to hang on your wall at home or share with friends and relatives. If you’re looking for workshop that encompasses all the minute details to get the photos you want to be proud of, then Matt Shetzer is the photographer you want to sign up with!

Elevate your skills and get stunning shots: Matt’s hands-on help makes it worth the investment!

Matt is tireless in making sure all his guests are well accommodated and that they are getting good photos. He makes it easy to get good shots. He conducts very useful workshops in the evening that help prepare you for getting the best possible photos. The trips are dedicated to photography which means lots of time shooting at the best sites … But the most important measure of the success of the trips is the large number of excellent photos I got, which exceeded my expectations!

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Bald Eagle Photo Tour

What impressed me most: Matt’s expertise and focus on participants

So much to be impressed by: the quality of your instruction, both as it related to the use of our equipment to produce optimum in-camera images as well as the post processing workflow guidance, your knowledge of the area and eagle behavior and, of course, the amazing beauty of our surroundings. But beyond that, it was the more subtle aspects of your work that really made for a special trip: your constant focus on us as your customers, the care you take to go the extra mile in scouting out uniquely special places and the relationships you maintain with the local community that pay big dividends for you and your customers! I would highly recommend this workshop and you, as a workshop leader, to anyone!

Beyond expectations: Unmatched expertise & patient guidance

In November 2021, I spent six days capturing images of bald eagles in Haines, Alaska with 5 other participants and our guide Matt Shetzer. Traveling ~3,000 miles, my expectations were relatively high to have a ‘good’ experience. My experience was more than ‘good’; it was phenomenal. Matt checked all the boxes I was hoping for plus some – knowledgeable, professional, patient, a great listener, attentive, a provider of both praise and constructive tips / hints / feedback, and the list goes on. One of many attributes that impressed me about Matt was that his passion, drive and focus was just as strong in the last few hours of our workshop as the first few hours. Matt offers a ‘best in class’ experience, and I’m already excited to attend the same workshop in November 2023.

From composition to post-processing: Conquer Alaskan challenges with Matt’s help

Anyone can photograph eagles in a zoo, but try it in the harsh wintry conditions that is found in Haines Alaska and you will want the most experienced person to help you photograph eagles, salmon, and scenery that is found along the Chilkat River. Matt is that person who exceeds at providing a well organized photographic expedition into a frozen landscape dotted with eagles seeking to dominate other eagles as they pull salmon after salmon out of the river. Photographing this life cycle of the salmon under cloudy, snowy, skies with temperature hovering around 10 to 30 degrees is daunting, but Matt guides you through his evening classes, nightly photo reviews, and on the scene attention in order for you to get the right exposure and composition resulting in photographs that you will want to hang on your wall at home or share with friends and relatives. If your looking for workshop that encompasses all the minute details to get the photos you want to be proud of, then Matt Shetzers is the photographer you want to sign up with.

Picture perfect Alaskan adventure: Expert instruction on every shot

The photo workshop in Alaska was truly amazing! I thank Matt from the bottom of my heart for his hard work to make my first bird photography trip to Alaska experience so rich and rewarding. I am so thankful that my friend Ruth recommended that I come along on this trip and I will be forever grateful. Over the last couple of years, she constantly shared her enthusiasm about Matt as an instructor and how much she thoroughly enjoyed all of her previous trips. I experienced the same first hand. Matt is a pro and a great person. Matt is technically proficient. He knows cameras – the settings backwards and forwards. I not only learned so much more about my equipment, but how to photograph wildlife. Going to Alaska with Matt was perfect because his expertise of the area is equivalent to a professional guide. However, what really sets Matt in a special category is his enthusiasm and knowledge towards the wildlife he studies and helps you photograph. He also took into consideration the clouds, the weather, and where would the best location be throughout the day to ideally photograph the eagles. Truly enjoyed his enthusiasm, the small group workshop, and the camaraderie among his students. I obtained more photography friends and we have already booked another workshop together with Matt. I am ready for the next memorable experience!

From scenic views to majestic wildlife: Matt leads the way on a first-class photo journey

The shooting was superb but we were also given a good dose of Alaska life. We toured around between sessions and saw some of the most beautiful places in my life. I have been on other photography workshops, all of them great experiences but this Alaska trip was really first class.

Rapid learning: Gained months of knowledge in days

I learned more in the first two days than I would have in six months on my own.

All skill levels welcome: A supportive photography experience!

Matt went above and beyond to make this week along the Chilkat River and Bald Eagle Preserve in Alaska a magical trip of a lifetime. There are no words to describe his passion for photography and teaching others, no matter whether you are a novice or a professional photographer. He can handle it all on the same trip! From the Northern Lights, to the Eagles, to the Sunrise and Landscapes, Matt looked for opportunities for us every minute to make sure we had the best possible experience. His assistant, Judy, was a very knowledgeable and helpful naturalist and a delight with her stories about Haines and the surrounding area. Loved every second and hardly noticed the cold!!! I will do another trip with Shetzer Photography!

More than a trip leader: Matt is a guide and mentor

I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for the incredible experience I had during the week-long. Your wealth of experience and expertise were evident throughout the sessions, and I am truly grateful for the knowledge and skills I gained under your guidance. Your passion to teaching and sharing your wealth of experience made the workshop not only informative but also incredibly enjoyable. Your attention to details and willingness to answer every question contributed significantly to my understanding of bald eagle behavior and photography skills. I truly appreciate the time you spend to answer my questions and provide hands-on assistance. Thank you once again for sharing your expertise and for being such a great mentor. The lessons learned during the workshop will undoubtedly shape my future endeavors in wildlife photography. I am grateful for the opportunity to have been under your guidance.

Benefits of a Shetzer tour: Small groups and personalized teaching

There was enthusiasm about the location and photography at all times and when reviewing pictures you were always looking for the positive things to mention with gentle suggestions on how to improve them. The group size was perfect and it was nice to have someone leading the group who is involved in the community. By working the Bald Eagle Festival it shows more commitment rather than just busing a bunch of people through. I would take this trip again

Dream shots achieved: Matt’s meticulous planning got me bucket-list wildlife photos!

Bald eagle workshop 2018 was so great, helpful and unforgettable. Beautiful Alaska and eagles were more than I expected. I especially thank Matt. Matt is so smart and kind and prepare the workshop perfectly. He let me have a concept of manual exposure setting. I had used this setting and got many of life time photos. I miss Haines and nice people who spent time together during the workshop !!

Shetzers photo tours: The smooth route to stunning wildlife shots

Shetzers Photography delivers such a great that my wife and I repeated a 2018 workshop with one held in 2021! Great communications, documentation that provides a thorough and specific agenda, appropriate and helpful email updates, as well as great information and advice on how to prepare for the trip. Once the workshop began, Matt delivered a clear plan for the week, offered adjustments for weather conditions, eagle information and participant preferences. A great experience and one we can recommend to anyone interested in serious bald eagle photography in a great setting!


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Costa Rica Photo Tour Reviews

Seamlessly organized from start to finish: A hassle-free photography adventure!

In February/March 2022 I attended both the lowlands and highlands Costa Rica Tours. I had a trip of a lifetime. The trip was well organized and very extensive. Every day we had a different experience. The variety of wildlife was extensive from frogs, snakes, birds, monkeys, bats to our main targets the hummingbirds and sloths. Matt’s multi-flash setup provided perfectly exposed images of the hummingbirds with beautiful colors and great detail. Matt is a great teacher and loves sharing his knowledge. I highly recommend this trip. It will be a trip you will never forget.

Attentive trip leader: Matt ensured everyone got great shots!

Matt’s tour is well-organized and reflects long experience with the wildlife of Costa Rica. He made it his primary concern to ensure that all photographers had many opportunities to capture great photos. He did this by ensuring plenty of room for each photographer and alerting us to changing conditions that might impact our shooting technique.

Matt’s expert instruction elevated my photography skills

I got fantastic shots at all the locations with our small group on the Costa Rica Highlands workshop. It was all very well-organized from start to finish. I’ve been on several of Matt’s trips… he goes to great locations and is an excellent instructor. I’ve learned so much about bird photography from him.

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Grizzly Bear Photography Tour

We’re thrilled with our images, thanks to Matt’s expert tips!

Nancy and I want to thank you for putting together such an outstanding trip to photograph Grizzlies in Alaska. We have been on many photo workshops, and we found the kind of instruction you gave us in the field and back at the lodge to be the best we have ever experienced. We learned a lot about how to photograph under some difficult lighting conditions, and we are thrilled with the images with which we have come home. Your tips on processing also gave us new ways to enhance our images, and above all, we really appreciated your thoughtfulness in leading our group and handling things calmly and effectively when adverse weather caused travel complications. Again, we thank you for running such a superb trip.

Already booked our next trip: Learned to maximize our cameras with Matt

This is our second Grizzly Bear photo workshop with Matt at Lake Clark. Matt plans and organizes his workshops extremely well. He is a great communicator, before, during and after, which is a gift. We have learned many ‘nuggets’ during each of these workshops – how to use the camera to its fullest by assigning tasks to each button to speed up the capture, and how the Histogram is truly your friend! We appreciate Matt’s patient teaching style, and his humble desire to share his vast knowledge with each client. We were able to capture some truly amazing images by taking advantage the information he shared. We are already booked for the Costa Rica Workshop and look forward to more of Matt’s excellence! Check out his workshops and sign up. It will be an amazing experience. You will not be disappointed!

Matt had every detail covered: His personalized help made a big difference!

Before ever signing up for a photo workshop with Matt, we first took a look at his photography. After all, why would we want to go on a photographic journey with someone who’s work we don’t respect? Matt Shetzer is a phenomenal photographer. With that checked off the list, the next thing was to contact Matt directly and ask numerous questions. We did, and Matt could not have been more courteous and helpful, answering every question we asked with great detail and enthusiasm. We signed up to go to Lake Clark National Park, Alaska to photograph the coastal brown bears. From the moment our group first met, Matt was very energetic and enthusiastic about making sure each and every one of us knew exactly what to expect on our trip ahead. He was very detailed about our safety protocols and what he expected from the group. We felt very secure with Matt from the moment we met until we said goodbye. During our 5 days at Lake Clark, Matt was always available to help anyone at any time with anything, whether it was photography related or personal. When we were out in the field shooting Matt was always checking on each individual member of the group making sure that everyone was doing well and answering any and all questions. When the weather and light became a problem for shooting Matt made great use of the time by conducting some indoor photo workshop sessions on general photography and post processing techniques. Our days were long with ample shooting time. We stayed at an amazing and unbelievably comfortable lodge, the Homestead Lodge. There we ate incredible homemade meals prepared by an excellent chef. The owners of the lodge were also very outgoing and friendly. Our bear guide for the entire trip was in charge of our safety and getting us to all of our bear shooting locations via an ATV with carts attached. She was always one step ahead finding the bears for us. We never once feared for our safety or felt anything but completely cared for and respected. Matt’s energy never waned throughout our entire trip. He was always available for anything we needed. When the trip ended, we just did not want to leave. Matt Shetzer is kind, intelligent, and a great tour leader. I can only say that we strongly recommend Matt for any workshop, anywhere, anytime!!

Small groups, big focus: Customized coaching for every skill level

The group was small (8) which enabled each of us to have individual attention from Matt, tailored to our individual needs and skills. No matter what level we were, Matt was able to provide information, advice to improve our photography skills and images. I was able to approach Matt with any questions I had. He gave regular sessions for critiquing our work, photo editing advice and tuition. We received feedback on our photography, and how we could improve – with camera settings, composition, editing etc. The accommodation and food was excellent. His attention to detail from the first inquiry whether it is by phone or email was very clear, concise and thorough, to ensure one was fully prepared for the tour. Matt’s tour was in a remote part of Alaska, where there were no tourists, which allowed the group to wander around and get very close to the bears and observe them in their natural habitat undisturbed. Matt is a ONE OF A KIND photographer, and has an amazing ability to combine a group of people who have not known each other, to blend in and become friends long after the trip ended. I would highly recommend Matt Shetzer’s trips to anyone who is looking for a travel adventure with the opportunity to see the Grizzly bears or any other of his tours, refine one’s photography skills, meet interesting people and laugh your way through the day and night. 10/10.

First-class lodge and a leader who prepares you for the field

Prior to the workshop, Matt was available to answer lots of questions–that availability really helped us prepare for this Alaska workshop. Once in Alaska, Matt was a great group leader and teacher. He was very patient with us as beginners and he did a phenomenal job making the group dynamic really, really great! The lodge that Shetzers chose was fantastic–really first class. We’re already looking forward to going back to Lake Clark with Matt in a couple of years. We learned so much that will help us with our daily photography for the rest of our lives. Thanks!

Behind every great shot: Matt’s unmatched support and expertise

There’s plenty of time out in the field to get great and unforgettable photos. Matt will sacrifice getting his photos to ensure that everyone in the group is paying attention to the elements, ISO, aperture, etc. His attention to detail and professionalism make this a first class workshop. Thanks, Matt. I’m looking forward to your other workshops.

Matt’s planning ensures you get the shots you want

Just returned from a workshop to Alaska to photograph the brown bears and other wildlife. This was one of the best run workshops I’ve been to. The group was small, so Matt was able to help with all our questions. He has developed a good working relationship with all the support personnel. The bear guide was very knowledgeable and friendly. The lodge was fantastic as was the food and the staff were super helpful. The airplane company that flew us in and out was well run and has a great safety record. This workshop took a lot of planning to prepare, and I could see how much time and effort Matt put in to make sure we were able to get the shots we wanted. He was always available to answer questions and give hints on how to better photograph the subject. Without any reservations, I would recommend any of Matt’s workshops.

Matt’s positive energy kept me engaged, happy, and learning!

I went on the Alaska coastal brown bear tour at Lake Clark National Park. Amazing trip. Matt was omnipresent to assure everyone was engaged, happy, learning and the trip met their expectations. His positive energy was wonderful and helped guide our group to work well together. He was so informed on all things technical and was happy to share his knowledge when the moment allowed. He really loves teaching and expanding the horizons of his clients. The accommodations, food, local guides and support staff were all such wonderful humans which complimented the photography experience, Do not hesitate to book a trip with Shetzers Photography.

More than a trip, it’s a journey that surpasses expectations!

Several weeks have gone by since the trip to Alaska with your photo workshop and I can not help but reflect on the wonderful time I had. When asked about the trip over the last few weeks, my answer has simply and quickly become “it surpassed all expectations”. Keep in mind, my expectations were high. What beautiful landscape we were exposed to. And the take away is only to feel “privileged” to witness the beautiful creatures before us. Again, a sincere Thank you!

Advance your photography skills with Shetzers workshops

As a Nikon Professional I am always interested in honing my skill with photography workshops that challange my camera skills, lightroom and photoshop skills and most importantly having a great time. If you are looking for workshops that are are both fun and will advance your photography skills sign up for a Shetzers Photography Workshop and Tour.

Worth every pound of gear I carried and every cent I spent

Matt and Angela really went the extra mile to make sure everything worked out.

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Hummingbird Photography Workshop

Hummingbird haven: Capture nature’s marvels with personalized coaching

My wife and I joined Matt in Ecuador for his Hummingbird Workshop. The entire experience was great! Matt was extremely well organized so that I was able to spend as much time as desired dedicated to photography and the hummingbirds. He has perfected his multi-flash hummingbird setup and whether you are a beginner or advanced photographer there are endless opportunities to obtain incredible images of the wide variety of hummingbirds at each of the lodges that we visited. Matt is very knowledgeable on all aspects of photography and was always available to offer advice and answer everyone’s questions regardless of the complexity. All the non-photography aspects of the trip were also amazing from the lodges to the food to the people to the exploration of Ecuador. If you are searching for a photography trip of a lifetime look no further!!

Exotic small-group photo tour: A week of learning and a lifetime of memories

The hummingbird photography trip to Ecuador with Matt Shetzer was everything I hoped for and more. The small group size and personalized attention from Matt to each participant was exceptionally well done. The week was very well planned out and we saw many hummingbirds and other birds and wildlife as well. But what I did not expect and which I will cherish for ever is this: each evening Matt shared his exceptional photography and post processing knowledge with us. I have used some kind of camera or other for over 40 years, yet I learned a ton from Matt. This, I will cherish for a lifetime and not just the week we were in Ecuador. Thanks Matt. I shall look forward to future trips.

Avian adventures: Expert guidance on a fun and educational photo journey

Matt, GREAT Hummingbird Tour!! I am working my way through the photos. I must admit I have some that I really like and then of course those birds are sooooo fast I do have some of heads/tails only but then again it was a fun learning experience. I certainly would encourage anyone who has not had the experience of photographing hummingbirds and some other birds to travel with Shetzers Photography Tours. The tour was so professionally organized and executed plus the small group was terrific. I will plan to select another of your tours in the near future. Thank You again and have a great rest of 2019…perhaps we will see you again before long. Safe travels and Great photography!

Ecuadorian splendor: Well-organized trip offers more than just photography

As a non-photographer accompanying my photographer husband, I thoroughly enjoyed this trip. Matt was extremely organized and prepared, which made the week go smoothly. The lodges were lovely and the food was fantastic! I found plenty to do walking the trails, watching the photography (just being around that many hummingbirds was a thrilling experience), and enjoying a quiet week. I was also able to get into the kitchen so I learned some interesting local cooking techniques from the chefs. I highly recommend this trip!



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Iceland Photography Workshop

Boosting my photography skills with Shetzers: A trek through pristine landscapes

I recently returned from Shetzers Iceland Photographic Workshop. It was a great introduction to Iceland and I came home with photos that I am very pleased with. This was not my first Shetzers workshop—I attended the Hummingbird Workshop in Ecuador and the Bald Eagle Workshop in Alaska, both very enjoyable and productive. I have already signed up for South Texas Birds and Stars in February. Other workshops offered by Shetzers feature grizzly bears (Alaska), birds and nature (Costa Rica) and fall colors (Colorado). I have attended many photographic workshops over the years but, for me, Shetzers are the best. They are meticulously organized, running smoothly from beginning to end. The number of participants is small, typically 4-6. The cost is very reasonable, especially considering that accommodation, meals and transportation during the workshop are included. The workshops are open to photographers of all levels. Matt is a highly accomplished photographer (see his website). He has extensive knowledge of a wide range of photographic techniques and equipment that he is more than willing to share. He takes participants to some great photographic locations but does not push any particular approach, instead encouraging individuals to explore the possibilities themselves. However he is always nearby, ready to help and advise. Of course Matt cannot control the weather but he makes good use of “downtime” to give informal talks on technique. This is also a good opportunity for participants to show their new photos. I am very enthusiastic about Shetzers workshops and recommend them highly without reservation.

Every workshop a new discovery: Why we keep returning to Shetzer’s photo tours

When Matt offered a photographic workshop to do Landscapes in Iceland, we just had to go. It was our first trip out of the country and we knew that it would be an incredible trip with Matt handling the Photo Workshop when we got there. We already knew one of the other gentlemen going to Iceland, since we had attended a Bald Eagle Photo Workshop (2015) with Richard and was looking forward to meeting Ian (see his review). The Iceland trip was unbelievably wonderful and Matt made the entire workshop smooth, educational and easy to concentrate on just taking beautiful pictures. Matt listens to each person’s “wish list” as to what type/or kind of photos they always wanted to capture, then he goes above and beyond to try to make it happen. Matt does extensive research on every trip to take you to the locations and times to get the best shots. He is there with his experience to help you should you need it. Matt keeps each workshop more fun and informational than the previous ones (which is hard to do!). We are looking forward to attending the Bald Eagle Photo Workshop in Haines, AK for 2018 (our 3rd workshop) and expect to get even greater Bald Eagle/”Swans”(insider joke, “sorry had to do it Matt “) shots than before. Once you take a photo workshop with Matt Shetzer — it will not be your last!

An inclusive adventure: Where exploration meets peace of mind

Went to Iceland with Matt because I liked his itinerary, but I was not a photographer. Matt treated me as one of the group and I never felt left out. He was there to help me get the best shot I could with my cheap point and shoot. Accommodations were great and the food fantastic. He took us to so many great places to see and to shoot so many spectacular scenes. I would never have seen and done half the things on a normal tour. Matt is a five star photographer/teacher as well as tour leader.

Local flavor and quality accommodations: The hallmarks of Matt’s photography trips

Awesome trip! The small size makes for more photo opportunities. Matt tries to blend local flavor with quality accommodations and restaurants. The only “complaint” I have about my trip with him to Iceland is that he was unable to make the Northern Lights appear when the skies were clear. I’ll be on many more trips with him.

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Post Processing Workshop

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Transform your photos: Tailored hands-on workshop brings tangible improvement

I thought it was excellent. First, you managed to take a group with varying levels of skill and knowledge of photo processing and bring us all up to the pretty much same level of understanding…no small feat in itself. Your explanations were clear, your examples reinforced the explanation well and the handout was a terrific plus. It made it easy to take notes and clarify what was in the course content. I liked very much that we all received images to work on together so we could practice what we learned immediately. You allowed us to feel what you were teaching, not just watch. I could go on and on…you did it all perfectly. I now have a larger arsenal of tools to bring out the best in my photos. Bravo and kudos to you! Don’t change a thing!



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Retired Workshops: Moab | Texas Birds and Stars

Night sky mastery with Matt: Personalized learning in Moab’s backcountry

I took the Moab workshop with Matt. Wonderful experience, Matt is a great guy and an excellent teacher. We had a strenuous schedule, shooting until the wee hours of the morning but I learnt a lot and came home with great pics. Also Christian Sasse was great in the astronomy and I-telescope part. I highly recommend him and I am planning to take more workshops with Matt.

Birds in focus: Maximized shooting time with Matt’s planning

South Texas Bird Photography Workshop February 2018 What a great week I had. The weather was less than perfect but still managed to get a lot of great images of South Texas birds. We went to 3 Ranches that had beautiful dug-out bird blinds overlooking a small watering hole. (Shooting at eye-level is awesome.) Matt had the whole trip planned perfectly. No wasted time which equals lots of shooting. He also had a local professional with us the whole time. I highly recommend this trip.

Image perfection achieved: Returned with superb photos from Matt’s workshop

Nancy and I came home from Matt Shetzer’s South Texas Bird Photography Workshop with a superb collection of images. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the way the workshop was handled to assure us the best possible photo opportunities, from the ground-level blinds and set-ups on the ranches, to Matt’s timely and helpful advice on camera settings, shooting opportunities, etc. Matt understands that his clientele prefers smooth logistics and comfortable accommodations, and he makes certain that his workshops are first class. Would we travel with him again? Absolutely, and we have already booked a Shetzer workshop for 2019.


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