Shetzers Photography Workshops
Are you dreaming of capturing stunning images of amazing animals in their natural habitat?

Let’s turn your dream into reality!

Our expert-led, small-group photo tours are your backstage pass to nature’s greatest show.

You’ll not only photograph the untamed beauty of nature—from Alaska’s snow-covered peaks to the lush Ecuadorian cloud forest—but also connect deeply with the craft of photography and a community of like-minded photographers.

Experience the raw power of grizzly bears, the unique wildlife of the Galapagos, or Iceland’s serene landscapes, with expert help every step of the way.

Ready to elevate your photography, regardless of your skill level?

Join us on your next adventure to bring your dreams to life!

Upcoming Photo Workshops and Tours

Alaskan Grizzly Bear Photography Tour

Grizzly Bear Photo WorkshopJoin award-winning wildlife photographer Matt Shetzer for a trip of a lifetime on our grizzly bear photo workshops in the pristine environment of Lake Clark National Park, Alaska.

During the grizzly bear photo workshops, you will capture stunning images of grizzly bears in their natural habitat and perfect your wildlife photography skills while enjoying the picturesque setting of the Alaskan wilderness. Guests on the grizzly bear photo workshops will be immersed in the region’s spectacular scenic beauty, photographing coastal brown bears while enjoying home-cooked meals and staying in an exclusive and strategically located lodge, where bears can often be seen just outside the deck.
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Hummingbird Photo Tour: Ecuadorian Cloud Forest

Hummingbird Photo WorkshopsExplore the vibrant rainforests of Ecuador with us during our 7-day hummingbird photo workshops and learn specialized techniques to create stunning images of hummingbirds as they feast on native flowers.

During the hummingbird photo workshops, we will journey over mountain passes and across the equator into lush rainforests to three different bird lodges.

Each destination we stop at is home to unique species of hummingbirds and a diversity of flowers, allowing you to create your own exclusive portfolio of exotic hummingbird images.
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Hummingbird Photography Workshop: Mindo & Beyond

Hummingbird Photo WorkshopsJoin us as we explore the regions of Mindo, Pichincha, and Amagusa all known for their diversity of birds and large endemic population.

Mindo and Beyond is our second itinerary specializing in hummingbird photography in the beautiful South American country of Ecuador.

During this Hummingbird Photography Workshop, you will learn specialized techniques to create stunning images of hummingbirds as they feast on native flowers. In pursuit of this goal, we will journey over mountain passes and across the equator into Ecuador’s famous cloud forests.

Though hummingbirds are our primary focus, we will take advantage of our location and photograph stunning birds such as the Cock-of-the-Rock, the colorful Plate-billed mountain toucans, and vibrant tanagers.
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Galapagos Photo Tour

Galapagos Photo WorkshopsJoin us for our 9-day/8-night Galapagos Photography Workshop at the Galapagos Islands, one of nature’s most stunning works of art.

While both sides of the archipelago teem with rare and wonderful wildlife, the eastern islands are especially suited to photograph endemic birds, like the blue-footed, red-footed, Nazca boobies and Galapagos Penguin. Animals in the Galapagos Islands see so few humans that they will come right up to us — you will not even need a long lens.

Whether you want to hone your photography skills, see rare birds and reptiles, or hike and snorkel in a starkly beautiful landscape, our Galapagos Photography Workshop has plenty to offer you.

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Costa Rica Photo Tour: Lowlands

Costa Rica Tropical Lowlands Photo WorkshopJoin us on our 11-day photographic adventure through Costa Rica’s beautiful tropical lowlands. Capture beautiful images of birds, monkeys, frogs, bats, sloths, snakes, and the vibrant green landscape.

During the photo workshop, we will visit Tortuguero National Park and have custom photography boat trips to explore the freshwater canals full of diverse wildlife. We will also explore Northern Costa Rica’s rainforest as we focus on the wildlife that calls this area home. After exploring the lowlands, we will head up to the highlands to photograph the stunning resplendent quetzal.

We will also visit family farms and reserves specializing in frogs, monkeys, colorful macaws, and the other birds living in these properties’ forests.

During the Costa Rica Tropical Lowlands photography workshop, we will share our photographic techniques for creating images of nectar-feeding bats at night with flash photography setups. Learn how to freeze the bats’ wings and capture tack-sharp detail as they visit our flowers during their late-night feedings.
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Post Processing Workshop: One-On-One Training

Shetzer's post processing workshopHave you ever wanted to Master Photoshop and Lightroom and bring your images to the next level?

Do you want to make the most of your favorite images?

Join professional photographer Matt Shetzer via Zoom for private, one-on-one post-processing tutoring.

Learn on your computer and get comfortable with the tools and techniques that enhance images and bring out their full potential.

Learn a workflow that uses Photoshop and Lightroom to get the most out of your images as you develop a custom process that works for you and achieves the style of photos you wish to create.
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Iceland Photography Workshop

Iceland Photo WorkshopsJoin us in stunning Iceland, “The Land of Fire and Ice,” to photograph beautiful cascading waterfalls, black sand beaches, frosty blue glacial ice, glacial lagoons, Icelandic horses, and much more.

During the Iceland photography workshop, we will visit the iconic “must-see” locations as well as some of the more remote locations that offer breathtaking images of this Nordic island nation.

September is a great time to visit Iceland. The start of fall offers pleasant temperatures and perfect opportunities to photograph the stunning Aurora Borealis over interesting foreground objects.
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Bald Eagle Photography Workshop

Bald Eagle Photo WorkshopsJoin us in capturing the majesty of America’s national bird up close in Homer, Alaska.

Our small-group workshop offers a front-row seat to awe-inspiring encounters with these iconic birds of prey in their natural habitat. It’s an exceptional experience every wildlife photographer dreams of.

Seize this rare chance to observe and photograph more bald eagles than most people will ever see in a lifetime!
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