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Cape Hatteras Light

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Cape Hatteras Light

The Cape Hatteras Light is only one of the many lighthouses that protect shipping along the outer banks of North Carolina. These coasts can be rather rocky and treacherous, so many lighthouses are needed to protect mariners sailing close to shore, coming in and out of ports. For the landlocked tourist however, the Cape Hatteras National Seashore offers many opportunities for beautiful sights.

This lighthouse is one of the tallest in the world, coming in at over 200 feet in height. The Cape Hatteras Light was moved 1,500 feet from its original location in 1999. The move was necessary due to eroding shoreline. nonetheless, moving the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse was the subject of much national debate, the history of which can be researched at several places on the Internet.

Today the Cape Hatteras Light stands safely inland, configured as close as possible to the original setup. It is open to the public, and tourists can climb all the way to the top for great views of the coast and surrounding areas.

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