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Baby Galapagos Penguin

In Images by Matt Shetzer

Baby Galapagos Penguin

Here is a young Galápagos penguin. Snapped during our Galapagos photo tour, this photograph showcases a juvenile Galapagos penguin, easily identified by its unique plumage. These young penguins symbolize the hope for the future of their species on the islands. If times are good, a Galápagos penguin couple can have two broods of chicks in a year.

While the young Galápagos penguin represents the challenges and triumphs of life in the archipelago’s cooler waters, the islands’ diverse habitats are home to a variety of other remarkable species. A prime example is captured in our photo of a marine iguana with a lava lizard, which illustrates how easily some species coexist.

This diversity, from the shores to the volcanic landscapes, is a testament to the islands’ unparalleled natural heritage, offering endless subjects for photography during our Galapagos photo tour.

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