Bald Eagle Feeding Closeup 20171111 100701

Bald Eagle Feeding Closeup

In Images by Matt Shetzer

Bald Eagle Feeding Closeup

Closeup wildlife photo of a bald eagle feeding on a fresh salmon in the Chilkat River.

Holding it down with its talons, after ripping it apart, this eagle is quick to eat. It knows others are watching, and they are hungry too.

This is a near fully matured raptor. The clear and detailed image illustrates the dirty white color of this eagle’s head feathers, showing its age. At the 4th or 5th year of life, this eagle will have the iconic snowy white head. Until then, this bald eagle dines on wild salmon, tearing into it with its sharp beak.

Bald eagle picture from photo workshop near Haines, Alaska.

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