Bodes and Cigar Galaxies – M81 M82

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Bode’s and Cigar Galaxies

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Bode’s Galaxy (M81) and the Cigar Galaxy (M82) are a pair of galaxies located in the constellation, Ursa Major. Bode’s is a spiral galaxy while the Cigar Galaxy is an irregular galaxy , both approximately 11.8 milion light-years away from earth.

Bode’s Galaxy has a diameter of 90,000 light-years, which is half the size of our own Milky Way Galaxy, and both galaxies are rich in hydrogen-alpha gases.

These two galaxies have a gravitational lock on each other which affects their shape and composition on each other. One of the interesting parts of this image is the Integrated Flux Nebulal (IFN) that is an extremely faint and difficult to photograph nebula.

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ConstellationUrsa Major and Camelopardalis
Other Names contained in imageMessier 81, M81, Messier 82, M82
Imaging telescopes or lensesTakahashi FSQ -106ED4
Imaging camerasQHY268M
MountsSoftware Bisque Paramount MYT
Focal reducersNone
SoftwareSoftware Bisque The Sky X, PHD Lab PHD2, Voyager, Viking,  PixInsight, Photoshop, Lightroom
FiltersAstrodon LRGB Gen2 E-Series Tru-Balance  36mm unmounted. Chroma Technology Narrowband 3nm Ha, SII, OIII – 36mm Unmounted
AccessoriesMoonlite NightCrawler 35 focuser, Maxdome II, Digital Loggers Pro Switch, Sky Alert Weather Station, Pegagsus Ultimate Powerbox v2, Starlight Xpress filter wheel.
Guiding Telescope or LensesOrion 60mm Guide Scope
Guiding CameraZWO ASI224MC Guide Camera
Imaging Dates3/23/22, 3/23/22, 3/24/22, 3/25/22,3/26/22, 4/6/22
FramesLuminance: 53×300″ (4.4h)  Gain 25, Photographic Mode, Temp -25C, Bin 1×1
Red: 28×300″ (2.3h) Gain 25, Photographic Mode, Temp -25C, Bin 1×1
Green: 28×300″ (2.3h) Gain 25, Photographic Mode, Temp -25C, Bin 1×1
Blue: 28×300″ (2.3h) Gain 25, Photographic Mode, Temp -25C, Bin 1×1
Ha: 12×1200″ (4h) Gain 60, High Gain Mode, Temp -25C, Bin 1×1
Integration15h 4′
Flats20 per Filter
Flat Darks40
Bortle Dark-Sky Scale:2
RA center09 56 06.856
DEC center69 24 20.53
Pixel scale3.76
Resolution6280 x 4210
LocationsSirus 3.5m Observatory, Carbondale Colorado
Data sourceBackyard
Post Processing TechniquesPixInsight to Photoshop to Lightroom
Median FWHM PixelsL 2.436, R 2.336, G 2.173, B 2.410, Ha 2.246,
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