Bodie Lighthouse and the Keepers House

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Bodie Lighthouse and the Keepers House

Located just south of Nags Head on the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina, the Bodie Lighthouse is a beautiful lighthouse whose light was able to be seen for 18 nautical miles. The keepers house now is a museum with some interesting maritime facts.

The Bodie Lighthouse looks out over the Roanoke Sound, on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Three versions of the Bodie Lighthouse have existed over time; the first was built in 1847. The Bodie Lighthouse which still stands today was constructed in 1872, and originally ran on candle power.

The lighthouse used large candles and a Fresnel Lens to reflect the light out across the sea. Today, lighthouse technology has advanced considerably. All modern lighthouses are electrified and automated, eliminating the need for a lighthouse keeper in many instances.

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