Gargantuan Grizzly Bear watching fish

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Gargantuan Grizzly Bear watching fish

This gargantuan grizzly bear lies in wait for fish. This huge bear was the largest animals out of dozens fishing for salmon along the McNeil river during the salmon run. With a little observation, it was easy to see how this bear swelled to such an enormous size.

Because of his massive frame, this muscular bear was able to secure the best fishing spot on the river. This bear laid down in this spot and would lazily reach out and grab a fish from the river whenever one swam by. This fishing technique used very little energy, meaning that all of the protein and nutrients inside the fish went directly to adding more bulk.

Other bears were jumping around in the river, running up and down, and chasing after fish. These behaviors use up energy, which means the other bears needed to catch more fish to replenish the energy they wasted fishing. This gargantuan grizzly no doubt weighed over 1,000 pounds.

You can see it in his eyes, this grizzled old veteran is wise.

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