Harris's Hawk High Speed Video

Harris’s Hawks with High Speed Video

In High Speed Video by Matt Shetzer


The Harris’s Hawk is one of my favorite birds of prey. It’s highly sociable for a raptor — groups of three are often seen working together to hunt prey, then sharing the meal afterwards!

Every year, I lead a tour to the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas to photograph the vast variety of rare bird species that live there. In the dry, open country, you often see Harris’s Hawks perching on tree branches or prickly pear cacti. If you’re very lucky, you’ll even catch two or three together.

All the clips in this video were shot at 1,000 frames per second using a Chronos 2.1 camera. That’s over 33 times faster than standard video, giving you a clear view of every wing beat. I gained a new appreciation for these little raptors after seeing them in high speed video and I bet you will too!

Please consider watching full screen with the button in the bottom right of the video. Max resolution is HD.

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