South Texas Songbirds with High Speed Video

In High Speed Video, High Speed Video by Matt Shetzer


I traveled to the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas to capture songbirds on high speed video. At 1,000 frames per second, we can see the incredible precision flight skills these songbirds use to take off and land.

I captured the high speed video with a Chronos 2.1 camera capable of shooting over 33 times faster than standard video. Most songbirds just look like a blur of wings to the naked eye, but in high speed, it’s clear how amazing they truly are!

All these clips were shot on South Texas ranches that are designed and maintained as bird habitat. I lead photography tours to the Rio Grande Valley every year to capture its majestic bird species on film.

The video looks best in full screen. Click the four arrows at the bottom right to expand. Maximum resolution is HD.


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