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Photographers Gear Guide 2017

In Photo Tips by Matt Shetzer


I thought I would tell everyone about some of my favorite photo gear over the years in this Photographers Gear Guide article. I’m not sponsored by any of these companies nor have I received any of these products as gifts, I just really like these products and don’t leave home without them.

Vello FreeWave Micro Wireless Remote Shutter Release
This little remote offers wireless shutter release for your camera. Nikons version (as shown) is very compact, and Canons a bit more cumbersome but still very good.

I have one mounted on each camera and can configure the remotes to fire one camera at a time or many cameras at the same time. This is very handy when shooting 2 bodies, and you want to get two different compositions of the same action shot with wildlife.

The remote does not have a delay, and will shoot continuously as fast as the camera will shoot by just holding the button.

When it gets cold out, you just tape the wireless trigger inside your glove and keep your hands warm. Since nothing is touching your camera, you are able to take sharper images and with it mounted to your camera, you always have it ready to go.

Lens Wraps
Protecting your equipment is so important and these handy lens wraps really do a great job fully encasing each piece of gear and are light weight.

With all the airline restrictions for carry-ons these days, I’ve been using these lens wraps to get more gear in my bag, taking up less room.

Many companies make these felt like wraps that have Velcro on the ends. Just wrap up your lens or camera body, and stick in the bag. You can wrap them up tight and keep adding more gear.

I prefer the 19″ squares so I have plenty of padding.

Lens Pen
Great little cleaning brush and pen for cleaning your lenses and filters. The rubber/soft tip is great for cleaning up those streaks quickly on your glass, and the brush gets the dust off in one compact tool.

They do a great job quickly and live in our camera bags.

Lens Coat
The company LensCoat recently added a new tripod leg cover product. This one is much better than their old product that creeped up the tripod legs.

The new models are all one piece with all the foam sew inside the material and Velcro attachments, so no more creeping. In addition, the covers really help in the cold as you are not touching the tripod carbon or metal directly.

Just pick the right size for your tripod, Velcro them on, and toss your tripod over your shoulder with the padding and go shoot.

Eneloops AA batteries for your battery grips.
I’ve been using these batteries for 6 years now, and they are holding up great.

These batteries don’t discharge like normal rechargeable batteries and seem to last longer than disposable batteries. I normally get a full day shooting out of 8 batteries in my grip.

If you like the feel of a battery grip on your camera, you can put these AA’s in most of the grips rather than buying all the camera manufacturers batteries that change every model saving tons of money.

They work great in flashes as well, and 3rd party companies make fast and conditioning chargers so you can cycle them in 30 minutes or less.

In some of the camera menu system you can even tell the camera what type of battery is in the grip, and get better usage out the batteries.

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