Picture of Puffins on Bird Island 20170731 120126

Picture of Puffins on Bird Island

In Images by Matt Shetzer

Picture of Puffins on Bird Island

Called Bird Island for good reason, this picture of puffins shows the ruling class of wildlife here. Centered in this nature image is a pair of puffins nuzzling their beaks together. Makes sense as the bills of Horned Puffins transforms to these lively colors when mating. Pelagic in nature, meaning living mostly on the open sea, these birds are sometimes mistakenly confused as a penguin species. Horned Puffins, pictured here, differ from other puffins in that they prefer rocky cliffs or crevices for nesting. These birds choose the islands and coastlines of Alaska for breeding. Laying one egg each year, they generally stay with the same partner too. Image taken during an excursion on our Grizzly Bear Photo Tour to Lake Clark National Park.

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