Snowy Delicate Arch at Sunset

In Images by Matt Shetzer

Snowy Delicate Arch at Sunset

Though it is rare to have snow in Moab, after a big storm Delicate Arch stands covered in fresh powder. With the sunset in the backdrop, this monumental nature image shows the grandeur of Utah.

Winter at Arches National Park adds to the scene of this beautiful stone monument found there. At a towering 60 feet tall, this natural freestanding arch has a 46 foot high, 32 foot wide opening for light.

This landmark formed over millions of years by weathering and erosion is also called “Cowboy’s Chap’s,” “Old Maid’s Bloomers,” and “Salt Wash Arch.” Actually, this delicately slender arch is made mainly of porous Entrada Sandstone. The colorful reds of the stone is from the iron oxide levels in the rock strata.

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