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Galapagos Penguin Baby Head Under Wing

In Images by Matt Shetzer

Galapagos Penguin Baby Head Under Wing

This delightful Galapagos penguin chick, captured during our Galapagos photo workshop, embodies the delicate balance of life in one of the world’s most extraordinary wildlife sanctuaries.

But not every Galápagos penguin is eager to be in the spotlight.

This juvenile, for instance, appears a bit camera-shy, a stark contrast to the Galapagos sea lions’ natural flair. Such variations in behavior underscore the rich tapestry of life in the Galapagos.

From the timid glances of a penguin chick to the bold and unbothered Galapagos land iguana, each creature plays a role in the tapestry of the ecosystem. These iguanas, in particular, offer a glimpse into the adaptability and resilience of Galapagos wildlife, flourishing in an environment as challenging as it is mesmerizing. Their presence on the islands reminds us of the enduring spirit of nature, captured in every photograph taken during our workshops.

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