Galapagos Sea Lion Playing with Puffer Fish

In Images by Matt Shetzer

Galapagos Sea Lion Playing with Puffer Fish

During our Galapagos photo workshop, clients were captivated by a series of remarkable scenes that unfolded before their eyes.

Among these, a Galapagos sea lion engaging playfully with a puffer fish drew particular attention. Galapagos sea lions have a peculiar fascination with using puffer fish as playthings, skillfully batting the fish around as it inflates itself in a display of self-defense.

Just a short distance away, baby penguins added a heartwarming contrast to the playful antics of the sea lions. These interactions, from the playful to the tender, highlight the unexpected and diverse animal behaviors you’ll observe on and around Galapagos beaches.

Our workshop will bring you closer to these moments, offering personalized tips and techniques to help you capture the islands’ captivating wildlife and scenery.

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