Young grizzly bear on rock in a river

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Young grizzly bear on rock in a river

This curious young grizzly bear stands on a rock in the middle of a river. The bear is watching its mother fish. Young bears learn life skills by observing their mothers. This bear will not catch its own fish until next summer at least; until then it will be dependent on its mother for food.

The light silver collar visible around the bear’s neck is a dead giveaway that this is a young bear. The silver coloring around the neck will disappear as the bear gets older. Some grizzlies will develop silver-tipped fur all over. These bears are colloquially referred to a silver tip bears.

Although many people think silver tips are a separate species, they are actually just grizzly bears. And a fact many people do not know: grizzly bears are just brown bears. Grizzly Bears, a.k.a. ursos arctos horribilis, are defined as any North American subspecies of the brown bear.

The name “grizzly bear” is a little more fear-inducing than “brown bear,” isn’t it?

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